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What can you do in advance to minimise the problems of theft?

Protect Your Property

The following outlines ways in which you can help keep your phone safe and in turn keep yourself safer.

If you haven't lost your mobile phone as yet, here's what you can do.
Don't delay... Just get your mobile phone and do it now !

  • Keep a record of the 15 digit IMEI (see below).
  • Also note the phone make, model and colour.
  • Set a PIN on the phone and SIM to prevent others using it.
  • Keep these details in a safe place (away from your phone!).
  • Ensure your phone is registered with your network operator i.e. if you did not buy it from them or their dealer.
  • Security mark both the battery and mobile phone with your postcode and house number (or first 2 initials of your house name).
  • If an ultra-violet marker is used please renew the marks after a couple of months.

You will need to report the IMEI number to the police if your phone is lost or stolen. To find the IMEI:

  • Look underneath the battery or on the back of the handset itself.
  • Most phones are able to tell you their IMEI number when you dial *#06# from the mobile handset.

See the phone's User Guide for how to set a PIN.

Safety Tips

The following outlines ways in which you can help keep your phone safe, in turn, keeping yourself safer.

  • Do not leave the phone unattended anywhere - especially in the car, office, bar or restaurant.
  • Do not wear the phone on your hip in crowded areas.
  • Do not leave the phone in your pocket where it can easily fall out.
  • Don't use your phone in crowded areas or where you might feel unsafe.
  • When you are out, be aware of your surroundings.
  • Remain alert. Your phone is a valuable item.

Register Your property

On 12 January 2005 a new police-endorsed National Mobile Phone Register was launched - Immobilise. This is free and replaces the old MendUK database.

It was set up because details of lost or stolen property were only available to the local police force - there was no coordinated centralised database that police could search to track down owners outside their local area.

It's worth registering your phones, PDAs, laptops, MP3 players etc, basically all your valuable mobile gear. It's free.

Apart from your name, address and contact details you'll need the serial number of your device (IMEI number in the case of a mobile), make and model. You can also edit the register to add descriptive info e.g. the colour of the device, any custom covers etc.


Decide whether you really need to buy mobile phone insurance or if you are covered on your house policy. Many people claim that mobile phone insurance is a waste of money and it often won't pay out. Is Mobile Insurance a waste of time? If you have a cheap £40 phone it is probably not worth paying £100 per year to insure it, but if you have a £400 phone and are accident prone, maybe it is. Read the insurance policy and work out what is covered and what is not.

Often a phone will come with 3 months 'free' insurance. If you decide to keep this for just the 3 months, don't forget to cancel it - make a note in your diary now!


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